Available Keywords

Standard Keywords used in ALL Approval Plan eMail Notification and Audit Trail messages are listed in the table below.

%@BlanketOrder%Blanket order id
%@BuyerID%Doc: Requisitioner’s ID
%@BuyerName%Requisitioner’s name
%@BuyForEMail%Doc: Buy-for user's e-mail
%@BuyForID%Doc: Buy-for user’s ID
%@DateRequested%Date requested
%@DefaultCurrencyAmountOfOrdersThisMonth%Order: Total amount this month
%@DefaultCurrencyAmountOfOrdersThisWeek%Order: Total amount this week
%@DefaultCurrencyAmountOfOrdersThisYear%Order: Total amount this year
%@DefaultCurrencyAmountOfOrdersToday%Order: Total amount today
%@DefaultCurrencyTotalOrderAmount%Doc: Total amount **
%@ExternalRequisitionID%External requisition id
%@NumberOfOrdersThisMonth%Order: Count of orders this month
%@NumberOfOrdersThisWeek%Order: Count of orders this week
%@NumberOfOrdersThisYear%Order: Count of orders this year
%@NumberOfOrdersToday%Order: Count of orders today
%@OrderType%Doc: Catalogue / Non-Catalogue
%@OrgUnitName%Doc: Organizational unit name
%@RecurringRequisitionType%Req: Blanket type
%@RequisitionerApprovalLimit%Doc: Requester’s approval level
%@RequisitionerEMail%Doc: Requisitioner's e-mail
%@RequisitionType%Req: Type
%@ShipToID%Buy-for user’s ID
%@ShipToName%Buy-for user’s name
%@ShipToUserApprovalLimit%Doc: Buy-for user’s approval level
%@UserDefinedPCard%Order: User defined PCard
%@UserDocumentField::reqtotal%Req: User field Requisition Total
%@UserDocumentField::Auxiliary Code%Order: Auxiliary Account Code ****
%Document_ID%The internal document ID
%User_ID%The ID number of the task owner
%User_Name%The full name of the task owner
%@WebHostName%Doc: Web server name
%@WorkflowPlanName%Doc: Workflow plan name
%@WorkflowTaskName%Doc: Workflow task name

**** Only if Auxiliary User field is enabled. Additional keywords may be available if User Fields have been configured for your implementation. Please contact Elcom Support if this is the case.

** This will be the total of the document being routed (i.e. plan dependant): requisition total for requisition plans; order total for order plans; and invoice total for invoice settlement plans.


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