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19. Approval Rule Groups

Approval Rule Groups assign Approval Plans to users and define the users who fill the Approval Roles used in those plans.

Fig 18.1 - Menu tabs (approval rule groups).png

Each Group can contain one Approval Plan of each type and each user is assigned to one Approval Rule Group.

Upon submission of a requisition, PECOS P2P will look at the Approval Rule Group of the user first looking for a Requisition Plan and then for a Purchase Order Plan, and route in that order.

A Change Order plan is used when change orders are created and submitted. An Invoice Settlement plan is used when invoices are posted and matched (see The Approval Process).

Warning: If a user is not assigned to an Approval Rule Group their orders will be transmitted to suppliers without any approval. The default assignment for all users is 'Default Workflow' which has a 'Default' approval plan associated to it. It is recommended that this default plan, which resides at the L1 for administration purposes, has a step added to it to route everything to a senior administrator. In this way if a user is erroneously not assigned to an Approval Rule Group, their requisitions will be diverted for review rather than transmitted without approval.

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