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18. Approval Plans

An Approval Plan is set up to define the path a requisition, order, change order or invoice takes for approval. Approval plans are synonymously known as ‘Workflows’ since they determine the flow of a buyer’s work through the P2P.

A plan principally routes documents to users or roles for approval based on configurable criteria but can also be configured to send eMail notification messages to an internal user or external party, manage budgets, process price quote processes or trigger an external process.

Fig 17.1 - Menu tabs (approval plans).png

Each approval plan is made up of:

  • Fixed header information: Type (see Plan Types), Name, Description, Master or Sub Plan identifier (see Master and Sub Plans) and an Organisational Assignment for administration purposes.
  • Editable Tasks: The configurable content of plan consisting of an activity, an activity owner and the criteria governing the validity of the activity (see Plan Tasks).

Fig 17.2 - Approval plan header.png

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