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4.6 Message Management

The Message Management screen is available at the level 2 (Company) level only and contains mandatory administration settings for:

  1. Defining one recipient for undeliverable eMail messages received as a result of failed transmissions from PECOS P2P.
  2. Defining recipients for all replies received to any system generated order transmission or approval message.
  3. Defining one recipient for error messages generated from failed workflow approval tasks and configuring an override eMail notification message.
  4. Defining recipients for notification of faxed order delivery failures and configuring the eMail notification message that is to be sent.

The recipients of these eMail messages are selected from a list of available system administrators and it is recommended that an appropriate administrator be assigned to each setting in order to effectively manage potential configuration errors: both internal and external to PECOS P2P.

Where no valid recipient is selected, (i.e. the selection is empty or a selected administrator’s rights are retrospectively changed) all message failures and replies will be sent by default to the level 1 site administrator. In multi-organisational environments these messages will therefore be received by the Elcom Service Desk.

Security Note. Many organisations will employ spam filtering for eMail messaging. Problems may arise, for example, when an internal domain is present in a reply to address, for eMails that originate externally to that domain {for example, an eMail from will have a reply to as}.

Elcom strongly recommends that all failure and reply recipients are thoroughly tested prior to migrating into a live environment. If restrictions are experienced please contact the Elcom Client Services team in order for solutions to be discussed.
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