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21.1.2 Organisation Levels

Organisation Levels

Scroll down the page and assign the user to an organisation level.
Fig 20.3  - User profile organisation level selection.png
This organisation assignment is very important and will determine the following defaults:

a) From Organisation configuration:

  • Purchase Order prefix
  • Purchase Order template used
  • Invoice Address
  • Postal Address
  • Default Time Zone and Country / Language (see also User Settings below)
  • eMail notification message defaults
  • eMail and fax failure recipients
  • Available tax treatments
  • Default VAT treatment
  • VAT and gross amount display rules
  • Change order content
  • Default Catalogue Collection for user defined suppliers
  • Workflow Calendar and Holidays
  • Budget policies (when implemented)

b) From Rule Group configuration:

  • Organisationally defined Business Rule Groups:
    • Catalogue access
    • Financial tracking code access
    • Procurement card access
    • Default tax code
  • Budgets (when implemented)

c) From Approval configuration:

  • Organisationally defined Approval Rule Group:
    • Approval plan use
    • Owners of approval roles

d) From Supplier configuration:

  • Supplier Profile (including override tax codes and matching rules)
    • To assign an organisation to a user follow these steps:
  1. Under ‘Organisation Levels for [Your Instance Name]’, click the Select Organisation Assignment button.
  2. When the User Organisation Assignment sub-window appears, drill down through the Organisation Explorer tree. Expand organisation levels by clicking the + symbol by the organisation folder icon.
  3. When you see the organisation level to which you want to assign this user, click on the organisation name. This organisation then appears in the box below.
  4. The user can only be assigned to one organisation level.
  5. Click Finished when you are done to return to the User Information screen.


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