Create ARG

Create an Approval Rule Group

1. Create All Roles and Approval PlansYApproval Rules > Roles / Plans
2. Create User profiles for all users who are to fill approver roles.YUser > Profile
3. Create ARG Header Detail: Name, Key and Description.YApproval Rules > Approval Rule Groups
4. Select a Parent GroupNApproval Rules > Approval Rule GroupsParent ARG created
5. Insert and SaveYInsertButton.pngHeader detail entered (3)
6. Search back to perform assignments.YApproval Rules > Approval Rule GroupsCreate group header (5)
7. Select Approval Plan(s): at least one but only one of each type. (Requisition or Purchase Order or Change Order or Invoice Settlement)YPlanButton.pngApproval Roles and Plans created (1)
8. Assign users to all Roles that are used in all the plans assigned.YRolesButton.pngApprover’s user profiles created (2)
9. Assign Financial Tracking Code Segment values if Plan Approval Roles are resolved by Segment ValueNFinancialTrackingButton.pngFinancial Tracking Code Values created
10. Assign membership rights to usersYUsersButton.pngUser Profiles created
11. Optionally also assign membership rights by organisationNOrgsButton.pngOrganisation level created

*M = Mandatory for this primary task. Y= Yes, N= No


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