4.9.9 Templates

In the multi-organisational configuration of a PECOS P2P instance the L2 Company provides the boundary in which users operate and data is available, representing a separate trading body or legal entity. Some organisations may choose to configure PECOS P2P in such a way as to make the L3 the legal entity. For example the L2 may be a holding company (the L1 being an ultimate holding company or corporate group) or the L2 could be a consortium (the L1 being a government program or national body). It may further be possible for subordinate organisations to themselves contain additional and separate trading entities. 

The Template Setting is provided to identify where a top level organisation resides for the sharing of templates to ensure data security. This setting defines the upper organisation boundary when the Template assignment looks up a user's organisation tree for group and user assignment: the system will stop at this point and go no further. The setting is found in the Templates tab in Organisation Settings. All Level 2 organisations are identified by default and cannot be altered, but any number of child organisations may be optionally selected to provide additional assignment boundaries.

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