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3.2. Sequence of Setup Tasks

The tasks below are numbered in the sequence in which they should (usually) be performed. Some tasks cannot be performed fully without input from a previous task. So, although it is possible to achieve a satisfactory outcome with a different sequence, this one is recommended.

Many of these tasks may already have been performed by Elcom’s Client Services Group during initial implementation. As a result, some tasks (such as setting up financial tracking methods or setting up catalogues) may not need to be performed very often. Others, such as adding users, may need to be performed more frequently.

Task 1: Organisational Data

  • 1a: Organisation Maintenance
  • 1b: Financial Tracking
  • 1c: Addresses
  • 1d: Procurement Cards
  • 1e: Multi-Currency
  • 1f: Dynamic Options

Task 2: Suppliers

  • 2a: Supplier User Fields
  • 2b: Supplier Profiles

Task 3: Catalogues and Categories

  • 3a: Catalogues
  • 3b: Product Category Codes

Task 4: Business Rule Groups

Task 5: The Approval Process

  • 5a: Approver Roles
  • 5b: Approval Plans
  • 5c: Approval Rule Groups

Task 6: Users

  • 6a: User Profiles
  • 6b: User Assignments
  • 6c: Administrator Permissions

Task 7: Utilities

  • 7a: User Defined Field Definitions
  • 7b: Standard Attachments

Task 8: Budgetary Control

  • 8a: Financial Calendars
  • 8b: Budgets


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