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12.2.2 Purchase Order Options

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  • Delivery Date – This provides a mechanism for automatically determining a delivery date when the requisition is submitted or the purchase order is transmitted. The setting at the supplier level will override the same field that may be set in Organisation Settings.
    • Mandatory: The Delivery Date field in Order Request screen for this supplier will be marked with an asterisk and requisitioners will not be able to submit a requisition unless a date is entered. The mandatory setting applies to all standard, change and blanket order types.
      The mandatory setting is independent of the default date selection. When setting the delivery date as ‘mandatory’ the selection of a Delivery Date Default Source is not required. It is not possible to set a default when the date is set to mandatory.
    • Optional (default): The Delivery Date field in Order Request screen for this supplier will be optionally completed and requisitioners will be able to submit a requisition with no delivery date selected. The optional default applies to standard orders only and does not apply to change orders or blanket orders.
      • Delivery Date Default Source is not selected (default): The entry of a delivery date by the requisitioner is optional and there will be no default date assigned at the time of requisition or purchase order creation unless one is provided by an organisation default setting.
      • Delivery Date Default Source is selected: A delivery date default will be assigned for this supplier based on the selected source.
  • Delivery Date Default – Used in conjunction with the Delivery Date ‘Optional’ setting only, to provide a means of calculating a default date.
    • Select Source (default): No source is selected and therefore the default is not active and none will be applied. The Organisation default setting will apply to the order request.
    • Requisition: The delivery date will be calculated and added to the order request upon submission of the requisition. It will not display until the requisition is submitted but will display in order requests after the requisition is submitted.
    • Purchase Order: The delivery date will be calculated and added to the Purchase Order when it is transmitted. It will not display in the requisition or order request prior to transmission to the supplier.
      A Number of Days must be entered when a source is selected. This is the number of days to be added to the date of the source document to determine the default delivery date that will be generated.

      Default delivery date calculations will use the user’s organisational Workday Calendar definition. Any non working day or public holiday is excluded in the calculation. Any day marked as a working day will be assumed a full day: the non working hour elements are ignored.

      When a Requisition is submitted:

      1. If the optional default source = ‘Requisition’, the delivery date will be generated based on the current date and assigned to the order request.
      2. If the default Source = ‘Purchase Order’, no date will be generated and the order request will not display a delivery date.

      When the Purchase Order is transmitted:

      1. If the default source = ‘Requisition’, the order request delivery date will already have become fixed when the requisition was submitted. There is no change to the date.
      2. If the default Source = ‘Purchase Order’, the delivery date will be generated based on the current date and will be assigned to the purchase order.

      If any delivery date is replaced manually by a requisitioner or approver it will become fixed and no longer adjusted by any default setting or calculation. It is flagged as being manually set.

      If a delivery date is mandatory, the delivery date that is calculated to appear on purchase orders for ERS suppliers will be the same as the receipt date. This rule overrides all default delivery date settings.

  • Delivery SLA – This field is optional and independent from the other delivery date default fields. It is provided to allow the entry of a fixed number of days, representing the standard supplier terms and conditions of supply. At some point in the future, it is intended that this field will be available for delivery reporting purposes alongside the purchase order actual delivery date and receipt dates.
  • Change Order Format – Choose the default content of Change Orders that are transmitted to this supplier:
    • Send Changed Lines Only: Only lines that have been added or changed will appear on Change Orders sent to the supplier.
    • Send Changed and Unchanged Lines: All lines on the Change Order will be re-transmitted to the supplier. (Note that changes lines are indicated.)
  • Order Configuration – This is used if the supplier performs configuration services and their catalogue contains configuration service items. This feature is usually only used by Information Technology VAR’s (Value Added Resellers).
    • Enabled:   Choose to turn order configuration functionality on. This allows requisition items to be grouped into configuration sets, configuration instructions to be entered and configuration service items to be added to the requisition.
    • Disabled: Configuration functionality is not enabled.
  • PO Terms – You can select a specific Terms and Conditions file for this supplier that will override the Terms and Conditions document set at organisation level when an order is transmitted to the supplier. Supplier specific terms must first be pre-loaded by sending a word or html document containing the supplier specific text to Customer Elcom Support.


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