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Receipting / 3 Way Match

Receipting / Three Way Match

Only if a receipt task is included in an Approval Plan will PECOS P2P perform the receipting match. The receipting match is in addition to the 2-way match: the matching program will match the total items received at line level to the total items on the invoice at line level.

This task should generally be set up at or near the end of an Approval Plan and will also submit an eMail notification to the person designated as the owner of the receipting activity.

  • Insert a new task by using one of the ‘insert’ buttons. Ideally this task should appear at the end of your plan.
  • Call the new task (for example) ‘Receipt Required’ by typing this into the Task Name field.
  • Select the Action ‘Require Receipt from the drop down selection box.
  • Fill in the eMail message format. This eMail will be sent to the person who you designate as the owner of the receipt task – usually the requisitioner.
  • Complete the audit trail messages that you want the system to generate. Note that a ‘Completion Audit Trail Message’ is not required.
  • Click the Owner button to determine who receives the eMail notification message.
  • Set the Owner Type field to Role or User. Commonly the role of ‘Requisitioner’ is chosen if your Requisitioner’s are responsible for receiving their own orders. If goods are received by a central goods in department or warehouse you should choose an appropriate (predetermined) role.
  • If Role is chosen, select a ‘Resolve Role by’ option. ‘Buy-for user’s Approval Rule Group’ should be selected if the buy for user’s role owner (receiver) is to be used or ‘Requisitioner’s Approval Rule Group’ if the Requisitioner’s role owner (receiver) is to be used. The former is recommended.
  • Note that editing tasks are not selectable for this activity.
  • There is no need to fill in Criteria: PECOS understands that this task requires no criteria to be entered. If criteria is entered
  • Click the Update Button at the top of the screen (located just above the Plan Type field). Wait until the ‘Plan successfully updated’ confirmation box appears.
  • Click OK. This saves your work.

Summary: The user who is designated as the task owner will receive a notification eMail containing (for example) instructions to receive items.

The matching program will also perform a 3-way match for all invoices processed for any requisition or purchase order that has been approved using this approval plan. If the receipt quantity is less than the invoice quantity a post matching exception status will be assigned to the invoice.


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