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18.9 Invoice Settlement Approval Plans

Invoice Settlement Approval Plans

Invoice Settlement Approval Plans allow an Administrator to specify a specific approval route that invoices are to follow before they are released into the accounts payable export for payment.

The invoice approval process is started when the Run Matching program is completed. PECOS P2P will identify the existence of a plan within a user’s approval rule group and undertake approval as necessary.

The benefits and advantages of using invoice settlement approval plans include:

  • Allows the approval of invoice mismatches to be undertaken by the appropriate and authorised individual in an expeditious manner.
  • Enables force settlement tasks to be undertaken by the authorised personnel quickly and effectively.
  • Introduces the ability to edit invoices for errors and omissions prior to settlement thereby eliminating payment, accounting and taxation errors.
  • Allows organisations that require segregated document approval to route invoices independently of purchase orders.
  • Allows the processing of Manual invoices and credit notes to be checked and appropriately approved.

When creating an invoice settlement approval plan, you must select the Plan Type: Invoice Settlement Approval.

Invoice Settlement Plan Criteria

This plan type has the same criteria as order approval plans, plus the following additional criteria:

  • Invoice origin
  • Invoice type
  • Payment method
  • Settlement status
  • Supplier’s Tax ID
  • Total freight amount
  • Total PO amount
  • Total supplier VAT amount

If an Invoice Settlement type plan is not assigned to a user’s approval rule group, Invoices will not be sent for approval following invoice matching.

For the purposes of plan assignment, the ‘User’ is the ‘Invoicer’ i.e. the person that owns the invoice. This will usually be the person who created the invoice in PECOS P2P.


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