Administration of PECOS P2P is performed through a separate administration module. The P2P is highly customisable, so there are many administrative tasks involved with an organisation’s initial system setup as well as its ongoing maintenance.

The administration content is designed for all users of PECOS P2P who are designated as administrators and are assigned administration roles and permissions. It provides a source of reference for all setup and configuration activities and is laid out in easy to follow sections which cover each topic using a step by step approach. The following links provide a summary of all the administration content:

Setup Overview:

Organisational Configuration and Maintenance:

Financial Information:

Managing Supplier Profiles:

Catalogues and Category Codes:

Managing User Profiles:

User Access Permissions:

Workflow and Approval configuration:

Appendices and Additional Information:

Additional guidance for system setup and administration of PECOS P2P can be found in the following guides:

Budgeting – For full information on budgeting and budget checking please refer to the ‘PECOS P2P Budget Checking Manual’.
Workflow – For additional information on Approval Plan configuration and Workflow Criteria please refer to the ‘PECOS P2P Workflow Criteria Guide’.
Catalogues – For further detail on managing catalogue loads for PECOS please refer to the ‘PECOS P2P Catalogue Load’ and the associated Catalogue Load Template.
Reports – For further information on Actuate Management Reports please refer to the 'PECOS P2P Reporting Guide'.
API’s – For full details of all PECOS bulk loads and interfaces for importing and exporting data please refer to the appropriate system utility guide.


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