18.4.6 Final eMail

PECOS P2P v14.0 - Administration Manual (v7.0) XWIKI_html_3b138fc3.png At the top of the Approval Plan page, in the header section, there is an icon that looks like a letter. This is the Final Approval eMail button.

Click this icon to open the Final Approval eMail sub-window to format the eMail notification message you want to send to the requisitioner when the document being processed has been fully approved. This eMail will be transmitted as soon as the final task in the approval plan has been completed by the task owner. If this notification is left unformatted, no eMail will be sent. Click Update when you have finished.

Setup tip!

Keywords can be used in the final approval eMail but the order number keyword must not be used for Requisition Approval Plans because it has not yet been issued. If both Requisition and Purchase Order plans are used for approval routing it is only necessary to format the final approval eMail within the Purchase Order plan.


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