PECOS Approval

PECOS Approval

Key Concepts

The Approval pages provide guidance to users who are required to undertake approval tasks in the procurement process and fully explains the steps required to perform those tasks. To understand how PECOS P2P controls the approval of key documents (Requisitions, Order Requests, Change Orders and Invoices), refer to the Business Rules and Approval Routing overview. This explains: 

Being an Approver

If you are given approval tasks to you will need to understand:

Whilst performing an approval task you may need to edit a requisition (for various reasons), review financial tracking codes, check tax treatments, undertake a Price Quote, authorise the use of a new supplier or approve the use of Non-Catalogue Items

Additionally, there will be times when the you are not available to perform your approval tasks (for example when you are on holiday) and you may wish to delegate approval authority to a colleague using Approval Delegation.


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