PECOS Mobile

PECOS Mobile


PECOS Mobile is a Smartphone solution that exposes appropriate ‘Purchase to Pay’ functionality to a workforce no longer tied to a PC device, but to a device they each hold.

Across diverse and dispersed businesses, PECOS P2P provides comprehensive ‘Purchase to Pay’ functionality which delegates action, transparency and control.  Highly configurable, it delivers a cloud based solution designed to work effectively on PC based web browsers and tablets. With the rapid uptake of relatively cheap smartphone, this has become the ‘de-facto’ work platform enabling organisations to delegate more processes to its workforce.  These platforms are ease to use and PECOS P2P, with its extensive features and information-rich pages runs on these smaller screens, but the user experience is not appropriate for the device.

PECOS Mobile delivers that smartphone user experience while providing access to key P2P functions required by a mobile workforce.
This short guide describes how best to use and understand the features of “PECOS Mobile”. It covers

This guide will describe the PECOS P2P features in context and will provide links to the help for further detailed explanation.

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