The contents are designed for users who need to create and manage Purchase Requisitions, Receipts and Manage Orders.
It provides a source of reference for all requisitioning activities and is laid out in easy to follow sections which cover each topic using a step by step approach.

When there are orders that repeat on a regular basis PECOS supports this through both:

  • Blanket Orders (also referred to as "Contract Orders" or "Call-Off Orders")
  • Templates (list of line items that are ordered on a regular basis which can be shared or saved as private)

Once submitted, users will need to find their documents (requisitions, orders or related invoices) using the Document Search so they can undertake further processing such as:

Occasionally an order or a requisition needs to be Cancelled

For detail on the generic elements of PECOS you should  explore  the specific help on using PECOS  or the additional module on PECOS Reporting .

For Administrators who configure the PECOS application suite they should reference Administering PECOS.


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