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12. Receiving

12.1 Overview

Receiving can only be performed in PECOS P2P after your order has completed the approval process and has been transmitted to the supplier. Only at this stage is it possible for the physical receipt of goods or the completion of a service to take place.

Remember to refer to your organisation‘s business rules to find out who is responsible for processing receipts and whether there are items that do not require receipting.

The following sections will explain the steps involved in receiving items, processing over receipts, editing receipts and where to find receipt history.

Orders in PECOS P2P can be partially received, fully received or over received and optionally used by your financial procedures to determine approval for invoice payment.

Receipt tolerances can be set to prohibit over receipting and receipts can also be edited based on user privileges. Receipt attachments can also be posted to, for example, record a copy of the supplier’s GRN.

You may optionally receive an automated eMail notification from your approval plan informing you of the requirement to receive certain orders.

12.2 Troubleshooting
12.3 Payment Approval & Matching
12.4 Processing Receipts
12.5 Over Receiving
12.6 Receipt Editing
12.7 Receipt History
12.8 Amount Based Settlement
12.9 Evaluated Receipts Settlement


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