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 9. Change Orders

9.1 Overview

PECOS P2P change order functionality allows you to amend purchase orders after they have been sent to suppliers and then optionally send those amendments to the supplier.

Purchase Order change allows buyers to alter their requirements, be they the items they are ordering, the delivery or payment information, or the financial tracking information. You do not need to cancel a purchase order and raise a new one in order to make changes. You simply raise a change and then the PECOS P2P will (if appropriately configured) route the change for approval before (optionally) sending the change to the supplier.

This approach gives the buyer the flexibility to make internal changes (e.g. financial tracking codes) without sending unnecessary paperwork to the supplier.

It is important to note that Order Change functionality works in a fully audited environment providing a comprehensive Audit Trail from the original Purchase Order through multiple change iterations.

Purchase Order changes can be processed through the same approval process as normal Purchase Orders, or can be routed via a different approval process, depending on your organisational procedures.

You will be assigned the ability to process Purchase Order changes through your user profile. Your system administrator will ensure that only those users that need this privilege are assigned it by the system.

This feature brings a number of benefits:

  • Increased flexibility in the Purchase Order process.
  • Full Audit Trail through multiple change iterations.
  • Ability to process internal and external changes.
  • Minimise the administrative overhead associated with changing requirements.
  • Minimise the number of Purchase Order / Invoice Mismatches.

9.2 Change Order Prerequisites
9.3 Change Order Permissions
9.4 Settlement Status
9.5 Creating a Change Order
9.6 Processing Permissions
9.7 The Change Order Template
9.8 Change Order Approval


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