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10. Cancellation

Shopping Baskets, Requisitions and Order Requests can always be cancelled by the requisitioner. The cancellation by other users (e.g. approvers and administrators) of Order Requests (pre transmission) and Purchase Orders (post transmission) will depend on your system configuration: these are described below.

Some of the reasons why you might wish to cancel a requisition or order include:

  • You may discover that you have made a mistake.
  • You may discover that an order has been duplicated.
  • If your requisition or order is held up in the approval process after several days, after speaking to your approver, you may decide to cancel it and raise a new requisition.
  • After your order has been transmitted to the supplier and goods have not been delivered, you may, after contacting the supplier, wish to cancel it due to poor stock availability.
    10.1 Permissions
    10.2 Cancel a Shopping Basket
    10.3 Cancel a Requisition
    10.4 Cancel an Order


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