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14. Further Documents

This manual has been created for requisitioning users and buyers and includes all areas of PECOS P2P used by users who have responsibility for creating requisitions within the procurement process. Listed below are a number of topics not covered by this user manual which can be found elsewhere in other PECOS P2P user guides. Also listed are administration and supplier guides.

Budget Checking

For further detail on budgeting and budget checking please refer to the ‘Budget Checking Manual for PECOS P2P’.


For further detail on approving requisitions and orders please refer to the ‘Approvers Guide for PECOS P2P’.

Closing Orders

For further details on closing orders please refer to the ‘Invoicing and Settlement Guide for PECOS P2P’.

Invoicing and Settlement

For further detail on invoicing and settlement please refer to the ‘Invoicing and Settlement Guide for PECOS P2P’.

Management Reporting

For further information on PECOS integrated Management Reports please refer to the ‘PECOS Reporting Guide’.


Elcom and its approved partners offer a wide choice of training that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Please contact your local Elcom or Program representative for further details of available courses and documentation.

Administration Documentation

System Administration

For information on all areas of Configuration, System Administration and Maintenance please refer to the ‘Administration Manual for PECOS P2P’.

Workflow Process

For additional information on Approval Plan configuration and Workflow Criteria please refer to the ‘Workflow Criteria Guide for PECOS P2P’.

Catalogue Management

For further detail on managing catalogue loads please refer to the ‘Catalogue Load for PECOS P2P’ and the associated Catalogue Load Template

Supplier Documentation

Punch Out and cXML Orders

For information about modifying eCommerce websites and integration with PECOS P2P for cXML punchout please refer to the ‘Punchout Implementation Guide for PECOS P2P’. For information about cXML order integration suppliers can refer to the ‘cXML Ordering Implementation Guide for PECOS P2P’.


For information about supplier’s requirements for catalogue creation please refer to the ‘Supplier Catalogue Guide for PECOS P2P’.

Secure eMail

For information about configuring encrypted eMail refer to the ‘Supplier Guide to Secure eMail for PECOS P2P’.


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