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13.3.2 Maintain Existing Items

From the Item Information section of the Item Maintenance page, follow these steps to edit an existing item:

  1. From the Catalogue dropdown list, choose the catalogue in which the item appears.
  2. Enter the Item Number to look for a particular item, or enter a partial number to wildcard the search in that catalogue. Note that if no partial value is entered, the first 100 indexed items only will be returned for selection.
  3. Check the Case-insensitive box if you want the system to ignore upper and lower case in your Item Number for your search.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click  Select when you see the item you want in the pop up search results window.
  6. Edit key Item Information attributes including description and receipt requirements.
  7. Click the Category Button to edit category (UNSPSC) assignment.
    • To remove the assignment click on the category assigned and click the ‘remove’ button.
    • To change the assignment, use the category explorer window to select the category code: click on the ‘+’ symbols to expand the category hierarchies. When you have drilled into the required level of product classification code, click on the name of the code and it will populate the category information box.
  8. Click the Pricing Button to specify the item currency and the list and discount prices.
  9. Click the Manufacturer Button to edit the Minimum Quantity accepted for this item, the Manufacturer Name, catalogue Page Number, Manufacturer Number, the Unit of Measure and Item Type.
  10. Click the Search Preference button to specify a search priority.
  11. Click the Media Button if you want to add or change links to multimedia including images, movies, and sound. Typically, media information is loaded in bulk during a catalogue load, along with the items.
  12. Click the Additional Information button to update additional tax information or long description text.
  13. Click the Catalogue User Fields button to update any extended catalogue field available for this item. 
  14. Click Updateto save any changes.


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