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3.3 Test Systems

There is no limit to the number of systems (or instances) that you can have. A test system is very useful for testing new configuration options and for training purposes – ensuring that your live system is kept clean and test orders are not inadvertently transmitted. As well as a test system you may also elect to have a separate development or training system.

Please note that there might be commercial or contractual considerations for the use and configuration of a test system. Please refer to your project or program manager before contacting Elcom Support.

System Name

If you have elected to have a test system it will be given a different URL. The URL is usually the same as your live system but with the word ‘test’ at the end of your organisation identifier. For example for the ‘Acme’ Organisation:

Live system URL =

Test system URL =


It is important to remember that your test system is still a production environment and capable of being used to create and transmit purchase orders. Care must be taken when configuring a test system that live data is not inadvertently transmitted:

User eMail – should be set as an internal address.

Supplier eMail and fax numbers – should always be set with dummy or internal references.


A database refresh is available to copy data FROM your live system TO your test system(s). Note that partial or selective data cannot be copied: it is the entire database or nothing at all. For this reason it is not possible to copy from a test environment into a live system.

To request a refresh please contact PECOS Support. The refresh will change certain data fields and if specific changes are required the data to be used should be requested alongside the system details and refresh date. These fields are:

  • User passwords
  • User eMail addresses
  • Supplier eMail addresses
  • Supplier fax numbers

Any other bespoke changes to data during a refresh should be discussed with the Support Consultant.

Note that a refresh will replace the target system database with a copy of the source system database. All pre-refresh data and configuration in the target system will be replaced and therefore permanently deleted.


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