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16.1 Requisition Approval

Requisition Approval is the process that occurs between the creation and submission of a requisition and the electronic creation of individual purchase orders derived from the requisition content. It is the approval, if you like, of the shopping list before orders are created.

Requisition Approval Process

  1. User submits a requisition.
  2. PECOS P2P looks at the user’s Approval Rule Group to determine what Approval Plan to follow – A Requisition Plan only is present.
  3. Requisition follows each task (step) in the plan in the order that it has been created.
  4. Where task criterion is valid an activity is undertaken.
  5. The owner of the activity is sent an action (e.g. requisition to approve or eMail).
  6. Where approval is required the requisition is sent to the owner of the approval activity.
  7. Where approval is owned by a ‘Role’ PECOS P2P will return to the user’s Approval Rule Group to determine what user(s) is (are) filling the role.
  8. After a valid task has been completed (e.g. approval undertaken) the requisition will proceed through the remaining tasks: an activity undertaken each time criteria is valid, or skipped if criteria is not valid.
  9. After completing the final task the requisition is turned into Purchase Orders – one for each supplier.
  10. PECOS P2P returns to the user’s Approval Rule Group to see if there is a Purchase Order plan to invoke.
  11. If there is no PO Plan PECOS P2P sources a Supplier Profile based on the user’s organisation assignment.
  12. Purchase Orders are transmitted to suppliers according to their chosen method contained in the profile selected.

Price Quotes

Organisations are increasingly looking for a simple solution for obtaining price quotations from suppliers without having to implement a full blown eSourcing or RFx solution.

The PECOS P2P Price Quote feature allows a simple price quote to be sent to one or more suppliers as part of the current requisition approval process. An approver, with permission, is able to create a Price Quote containing catalogue or non catalogue items selected from a submitted requisition. The quote contains a description, a respond by date, comments and attachments and can be issued to one or more selectable suppliers. After publication, the requisition is locked until the respond by date and until responses are received and awarded. Suppliers respond to the published quote and the requisition is manually updated through the existing approval edit screen in order to reflect the award of each item. When complete the requisition is unlocked and approved in the normal way.


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