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Requisition Accounting

Requisition Accounting Default

PECOS P2P will automatically apply an account code combination to every line on a requisition for each user. Some defaults are mandatory and others are optional and they will take precedence as follows:

  1. User Profile – Default Business Rule Group. Every user will have a default account code combination based on their membership of a Business Rule Group. If a user is to be a requisitioner a default account code is mandatory. (see Business Rule Groups)
  2. Procurement Card. Procurement cards can optionally have an account code value assigned to them. When a procurement card is applied as the default payment method, PCard accounting will take precedence over Business Rule Group accounting. (see Procurement Cards)
  3. Category Code. Where category accounting is optionally set (assigning an account code to a Commodity /UNSPSC code), this will take precedence over both Procurement Card and Business Rule Group accounting. (see Product Category Codes)
  4. Buy-For User. When a Buy-For User is selected, the default account code combination of the buy-for user will populate the requisition and take precedence over all other accounting defaults. The accounting permissions available to the requisitioner after the selection of a buy-for user, will be limited to the business rule group permissions of the buy-for user only.

A user is allowed to manually override default accounting at any time before the submission of a requisition through the Requisition, Order or Line Item level financial tracking screens.

Any accounting value that is ‘forced default’ from procurement card or commodity accounting is non-editable by the requisitioner.

It must be remembered that any accounting changes derived from manual changes or procurement card selections, performed prior to the selection of a buy-for user, will be lost upon the selection at requisition level of a buy-for user.


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