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3.1 Preliminary Work

Your system is initially set up in consultation with Elcom’s Client Services Group. They will perform preliminary work, such as configuring and setting up the servers, obtaining URLs, and loading the software. Your Elcom Project Manager/Implementation Consultant will work with your project team to ensure that your procurement data is entered, initial suppliers and users are input and the workflows required to support your initial project phase are written. Several utility programs are available for use during initial setup to ensure bulk data such as financial tracking codes, addresses, suppliers, users and procurement cards are loaded. These programs transfer large amounts of data into the system so that it is available for use immediately. Please refer to the Bulk Load Utilities manuals for additional information.

After initial configuration a program of training will be undertaken after which your system will be handed over to you for administration.

The scope of work undertaken during initial setup may differ. Please refer to your organisation’s commercial terms with Elcom or your contracted service provider or integration partner.


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