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4.9.4 User Defined Supplier

User Defined Supplier

User defined suppliers are created in the ‘Add non-catalogue item’ screen. The User Defined Supplier area of Organisation Maintenance allows the administrator to set defaults for these suppliers when they are created.
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A user must be given permission to create a user defined supplier through their user profile (see Users > User Roles).

When created, a Catalogue Key is automatically created by using the supplier name with a ‘_UD’ suffix. This catalogue key is then automatically placed into a default Catalogue Collection in order to ensure that user defined suppliers become available for use through user’s business rule groups.

The following supplier settings can be entered:

  • Default Catalogue Collection: The default collection to be used for this organisation should be selected from the drop down selection box. The user defined supplier can be added to other catalogue collections through the catalogue maintenance screen. For more information on Catalogue Collections please refer to the Catalogues section above.
  • Default Payment Terms: Select default terms from the drop down selection box.
  • Default Freight Terms: Select default terms from the drop down selection box.
  • Defaults FOB Terms: Select default terms from the drop down selection box.
  • Default Delivery Methods: Select a default method from the drop down selection box.
  • Override Transmission: Select if a user is allowed to override the destination eMail address or fax number of change orders.

Note that once the requisition/order is approved, the Supplier will be updated and activated in PECOS P2P. Should the User Defined Supplier not be used and the requisition cancelled the User Defined Supplier will automatically be made inactive.

The default Catalogue Collection can be different for each organisation. It is possible to use this default setting to define regional user-defined suppliers.


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