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4.3 Company Settings

The Company Settings button on the Organisation Maintenance page will only appear at the top level organisation:

  • These settings are NOT available to any subordinate organisations.
  • These settings affect your whole organisation and cannot be over-ridden by users.
    fig 4.6
    Company Settings allow the setting of top level system defaults, some of which may be overridden by settings elsewhere in the administration module:
  1. Password Rules: Here rules for password generation and format are defined. This is a default setting that cannot be overridden elsewhere.
  2. Financial Settlement Tolerances: Default order matching tolerances are set here. An override can also be set within supplier profiles.
  3. Receipt Tolerance Message: This is the message that appears to users when a receipt tolerance is exceeded. This is a default setting that cannot be overridden elsewhere.
  4. ePcards: This is where ePcard authorisation and tolerances are set.
  5. eSourcing: This is where configuration settings are defined if an eSourcing solution is integrated with PECOS.

Password Rules
Financial Settlement


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