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23.4 System Options

System Options allows certain options to be set at overall system level for your instance of PECOS P2P. This menu option is only available to top level (Level 1) system administrators and is not available to subordinate company or organisational administrators. Please speak to your client services representative or support desk if you do not have the appropriate administrative access and require changes to these options.

Fig 22.15 - Menu tabs (system options).png

Changes to these options should be done with caution since they will affect the entire PECOS P2P site and therefore ALL organisations within the multi-organisational environment.

fig 23.16.png

Upon installation no system options exist and the value defined below for each option as the ‘Default’ will apply across the site. Where a file reference is required, there is no default setting and the option is not implemented. The following rules therefore apply to system options:

  • If the default setting is required no action is necessary
  • A default value will only be changed where an option is saved with an alternate value to the default.

To define an option:

  1. Open the System Options menu in the Utilities tab to open the Dynamic System Maintenance screen.
  2. Choose the option from the Option Name drop down box. An Option Value box will appear.
  3. Choose or enter an Option  Value in the Option Value Box.
  4. Click Save to add the option to existing option.

To delete an option:

  1. Choose the option from the Existing Options table.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. An ‘Option successfully deleted’ confirmation message is displayed.
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