4.3.5 ePcards

PECOS P2P provides administrators with the ability to set authorisation settings and matching tolerances for ePcards. These types of card are used primarily in the US and will require integration with your card provider.
fig 4.12.png

ePcard Pre-Authorisation

For use with GECF (GE Capital Finance) ePcard XML only and not available in the UK. These fields enable the administrator to set a predefined Order Allowance Percentage. This is the amount by which a supplier’s total can vary from the total of the purchase order, and is included to allow the supplier to charge for tax and delivery. (Note: Users may be granted the additional authority to override this predefined amount.)

In addition, the administrator can set the time frame (ePcard Validation Period) for which an ePcard remains “open”. After this time frame, the ePcard is closed and may not be billed (invoiced) against by the supplier.

Financial Settlement

The ePcard Order Tolerance Percentage allows ePcard statements to be reconciled with the order header amount within the given tolerance. This figure is used when reconciling the ePcard with PECOS P2P.


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