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21.1.3 User Settings

User Settings

The User Setting will default from the Organisation Level Assignment above but may be changed here.

Fig 20.4 - User profile user settings selection.png

Time Zone selection will affect the audit trail date and time stamp.

Country/Language selection will affect the language localisation directory used by this user. This is an important selection if your organisation has been configured to use foreign language translation.

Preferred Currency selection will affect the default currency display for this user. This is important if your organisation uses multi-currency.

To manage user settings follow these steps:

  1. Time Zone (mandatory with default): from the dropdown list choose the time zone your user belongs to. Note:
    • GMT (also referred to as UTC or Universal Time Coordinated) is not adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (i.e. BST).
    • WET is adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (i.e. BST).
      • The default time zone is the one that applies to your instance or to the organisation level that was specified above.
  2. Country/Language (mandatory with default): choose the appropriate combination to define the language and international currency settings for this user.
  3. Preferred Currency (mandatory with default): choose the user’s default currency view from the drop down selection list if your system setup as multi currency. If multi currency is not enabled this will default from the Organisation Level assignment (see section above) and not be editable.


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