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4.9 Organisation Settings

The Organisation Settings screen allows system wide defaults to be set at the individual organisation level. Each organisation may have its own default settings but where they are omitted, PECOS P2P will use the parent organisation setting. The following defaults can be set, some of which may be overridden elsewhere in the application:

  • Order templates.
  • Change Order format. (Also set in the supplier profile)
  • External Order processing. (Also set in the user profile)
  • VAT treatment. (Also available within a business rule groups and category maintenance)
  • VAT treatment to appear on purchase orders.
  • VAT and Gross Amount Display settings.
  • User Defined Supplier defaults.
  • Budgeting policies.
  • Delivery Date default setting. (Also set in the supplier profile)
  • Preferred Item Search Preferences.
  • Currency view and Rate Authority.
  • PEPPOL Identifiers. (Also set in the supplier profile)
  • Template Settings.

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User Defined Supplier
Delivery Date
Search Preferences
PEPPOL Identifiers


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