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13.7 eForms

eForms can be used within PECOS P2P for any purpose you decide. They are searchable and added to a requisition as an attachment to a catalogue item. eForms can then, if required, be routed for approval and may be transmitted internally or externally as (attachments to) Purchase Orders.

External / Suppliers: eForms are held as an item on the supplier catalogue. A supplier catalogue can contain a mixture of ‘catalogue’ and ‘eForm’ items. Examples are details required for a business card to be printed, travel arrangement details or a request for a quotation.

Internal: eForms are used to replace paper forms traditionally routed manually and can be held in a generic ‘Internal Form’ catalogue assigned to an internal supplier profile.

Examples are:

  • Travel Planning – routed for approval to the travel department.
  • Holiday Requests – routed for approval to department managers and transmitted to personnel for updating holiday records.
  • Absence forms – Submitted directly to personnel for record keeping.
  • Expense claim forms – routed for approval before being transmitted to finance for payment.
  • IT Purchase Specification – Routed to IT for specification and compatibility review before being returned to the originator for ordering.

Any document format may be loaded as an eForm. This can be a spreadsheet (e.g. MS excel) a text document (e.g. MS Word) or any other application document used by your Organisation. It is important to ensure that all users have access to the appropriate application in order to open and edit eForms.


In order to have an eForm loaded into your PECOS P2P, simply send it to Elcom Support detailing which supplier profile and catalogue it needs to be loaded against.

The setup requirement for user access is identical to making a catalogue available. The supplier(s), catalogue collection(s) and business rule group(s) must be created in the usual way.


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