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16.4 Change Order Approval

Change order approval is the process that ensures all orders that are changed, after being originally transmitted to the supplier, are approved. Approval can take place irrespective of the order being re-transmitted to the supplier. Change order approval plans therefore do not approve original orders but orders that fulfill the criteria of being both CHANGED after transmission.

Change Order Approval Process

  1. User submits a Change Order.
  2. A change order is created using the original order number but suffixed with a numerical version reference. The content of the change order is defined by the supplier profile requirements for what is to be transmitted.
  3. PECOS P2P looks at the user’s Approval Rule Group to find a Change Order Plan.
  4. Change Order follows each task (step) in the plan in the order it was created.
  5. Where task criterion is valid an activity is undertaken.
  6. The owner of the activity is sent an action (e.g. order to approve or eMail).
  7. Where approval is required the change order is sent to the owner of the approval activity.
  8. Where approval is owned by a ‘Role’ PECOS P2P will return to the user’s Approval Rule Group to determine what user(s) is (are) filling the role.
  9. If the approval task allows editing, the owner of the task may optionally undertake changes to the change order.
  10. After a valid task has been completed (e.g. approval undertaken) the change order will proceed through the remaining tasks: an activity undertaken each time criteria is valid, or skipped if criteria is not valid.
  11. After completing the final task, the Change Order is either:
    1. Transmitted to the supplier according to the method chosen by the user during creation or that determined by a supplier profile default; or
    2. Saved without being transmitted if no transmission requirement was selected for the order.


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