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21.3 Resetting User Passwords

Resetting User Passwords

A user’s password can be reset at any time and will always be necessary if the password has become locked.

  1. Navigate to the Users > Profile tab.
  2. Click the Search button to open a user list sub window that displays user profiles for selection. Note that the search is limited to 100 users (randomly selected if not refined).
    • To refine your search, enter a partial value in or select one of the following fields:
      • User Name
      • User ID
      • Organisation Level
      • Active User / Inactive User button
  3. Click the Select button next to the user name in the user list to load the profile. The user profile will load.
  4. Click Reset Password at the top of the page to reset the current user password.
    Depending on the password rule selected in Organisation Maintenance: Company Settings this will either:
    • Generate an eMail to the user containing a system-generated password for them to use. PECOS P2P will require them to change this password on first login.
    • or
    • Reset the user password to be the same as their User ID.

Locked Passwords

A user profile will become locked after a number of false attempts: three is the default but this may be overridden by the ‘False attempts allowed’ Password Rule setting in the Company Settings screen.

A locked password is unlocked by resetting the user password, as described above.

The User List, returned after a user search in the User Profile screen, indicates if a user profile is locked and tracks the number of times each user has been ‘locked out’.
Fig 20.8 - User search results list showing lockout information.png


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