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21. Users

Every user who has a role within the procurement process within PECOS P2P must have a user profile. Each user profile can be configured differently according to the rights and responsibilities of the user. User types can be broadly broken down into the following categories:

  • Buyers who create their own requisitions.
  • Buyers who create requisitions on behalf of others.
  • Senior purchasing professionals who create and place contract orders.
  • Managers and Approvers who approve requisitions, orders or invoices.
  • Senior members of staff who both buy (create requisitions) and approve.
  • Goods-in staff who receive product and receipt orders.
  • Accounts staff who process invoices.
  • Senior accounts staff who run financial matching and export payment data.
  • Administrators who maintain and configure PECOS P2P.
  • Senior Managers who run procurement reports.

Within PECOS P2P users may be created with all or any combination of roles and responsibilities.

Create a New User Profile
Editing a User
Resetting User Passwords
Copying a User Profile


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