3-Way Matching

3-Way Matching

The accounting match performed during invoice settlement is derived as follows:

  1. System Default. The non-editable system default applied in the absence of any other default setting is 2-way matching.
  2. Approval Plan. If a ‘Receipt Required’ task is included in any approval plan used by an order, the 3-way match will be applied to all invoices matched to that order. In the absence of a receipting task, the system default of 2-way matching will apply.
  3. Supplier Profile. A Supplier setting allows the setting of 2-way or 3-way matching to override the approval plan default. The default supplier setting is ‘workflow’ (approval plan).
  4. Item Maintenance. An individual item can be set as ‘receipt required’ which will override both the supplier profile and approval plan settings. An order that contains an item requiring receipt will automatically require 3-way matching.
  5. Blanket Order Processing Condition. If the order is a blanket order or blanket order release the ‘Require Receipt’ processing condition will take precedence. ‘Yes’ = 3-way match and ‘No’ = 2-way match.

A user is unable to override financial matching rules.


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