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 4. Non-Catalogue Items

If you cannot locate the item or service you need in your hosted or punch out catalogues, you can add it to your shopping basket as a free text or ‘non-catalogue item’.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to add a non-catalogue item including:

  • A supplier catalogue for this item is not available to you
  • A recently contracted supplier has not yet provided an electronic catalogue
  • A new, recently introduced product is not yet in the supplier’s catalogue
  • The need to add a bespoke or specialised item or service
  • You require a new product to be sourced by the procurement team
  • The item requires ‘Amount Based Settlement’
  • This might be your organisation’s preferred means of creating requisitions (i.e. you do not use catalogues)

All that is required to place an order for a non-catalogue item is a description of the item or service needed, however the more information you provide, the faster your request will be completed and approved by your purchasing department. Note that adding a non-catalogue item is a user permission granted by your system administrator.
4.1 Adding Non-Catalogue Items
4.2 User Defined Suppliers
4.3 Editing a Non Catalogue Item
4.4 Approving Non Catalogue Items
4.5 Unknown Suppliers


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