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12.2 Trouble-shooting

Listed below are the key rules that apply to receipting items in PECOS P2P and can be used as a trouble-shooting guide.

  • Items can only be received after a document has been fully approved.
  • Receipting cannot be performed until the order has been transmitted to the supplier.
  • It is not possible to cancel or delete a receipt record after it has been saved but it is possible to edit receipt quantities.
  • It is possible to reverse the receipting for all lines of an order.
  • It is not possible to process a negative receipt quantity for individual order lines.
  • Delivery note number is mandatory unless the Receipt Status ‘No Delivery Note’ is selected.
  • Receipt date and quantity are mandatory for all receipts.
  • The date of the receipt cannot be entered as a future date (i.e. current date and prior only).
  • When 3-way matching is employed, the receipt quantity is used to match with the invoice quantity.
  • A return will not reverse or be netted off against a receipt.
  • Matching tolerances are available for receipt quantities and may be set at category code (UNSPSC) or item level.
  • Receipt tolerances are set as percentages and not fixed values.
  • A warning message will be displayed for each line of an order that is being over receipted. This does not prevent an over receipt being transacted.
  • It is possible to select any date from the interactive calendar: dates selected in the future are not validated.
  • If your organisation uses decimal quantities, these can be used for receipt quantities.


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