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9.6 Processing Permissions

The permissions for managing and processing a change order are only available after an order has been transmitted. After the change order has been approved and transmitted to the supplier (depending on your setup and order transmission options) it will become the ‘live’ order.

9.6.1 Before Submission

Whilst a change order is in the approval process and before it has reached the status of at least ‘Order transmitted to supplier’ only the ‘back’ and ‘copy’ buttons will display. It is not possible to process transactions (for example receipts or invoices) against the change order. Transactions must continue to be processed against the original order or previous change order.

9.6.2 After Submission

After a change order has been approved and submitted to the supplier, transactions can be fully undertaken. For example: receipting, returns, invoicing and additional changes. Transactions will no longer be allowed on the original or previous change order. Only ‘copy’ and ‘view po’ functions will remain on all previous versions of the order.


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