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7.6 Copying Blanket Orders

Any user who has access to maintain a blanket order through blanket order permissions may copy an order via the edit button.

  • Click the Blanket  Orders tab to open the Blanket Order Listing screen
  • EditReleaseIcon.pngIn the Edit Blanket column click on the edit icon that corresponds to the blanket order that you wish to copy. The Blanket Order Policy screen will open.
  • In the Blanket Order Policy page click the Copy button.
    • A pop up message will ask you to choose whether or not you also wish to copy the Blanket Permissions. Permissions will be editable irrespective of which option is selected:
    • Click OK to copy permissions
    • Click Cancel to not copy permissions
  • The Blanket Order  Policy screen will refresh with new details.
    The original blanket order data will be copied to create a new blanket order. You will need to review the items and the permissions and modify accordingly. After a copy of the blanket order has been created the words ‘Copy of’ is inserted as a prefix to the Blanket Order Name. All other Blanket Order Policy details, Blanket Order Permissions and Blanket Order Details are the same as the original. Note that any original attachments will need to be added again.
  • Click Blanket Order Detail to review and amend items, quantities and prices.
  • Click Blanket Order Permissions to review and amend release and maintenance permissions.
  • When you have completed your changes navigate back to the blanket order  detail page and click submit. The copied blanket order will be submitted for approval routing and assigned a new order number.

Deleting a Copy

To delete a Blanket Order copy before submitting it, navigate to the Blanket Order Detail  screen either by clicking on the ‘Blanket Order Detail’ button in the Blanket Order Policy screen, or by clicking on the ‘Basket’ tab. The blanket order can be deleted by clicking on the ‘clear all’ cross in the requisition header.


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