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7.4.2 View Schedules

Scheduled releases saved for a Blanket Order can be accessed in order to view the blanket order release summary and undertake editing.
Fig 7.42 Blanket order listing screen.png
ScheduleReleaseIcon.pngTo view existing scheduled releases click on the Scheduled Releases icon in the Blanket Order Listing screen. The Scheduled Blanket Order Releases screen will open.
Fig 7.42 Scheduled blanket order releases screen.png
The scheduled blanket releases can be filtered by status by using the drop down list box:

  • Active: The scheduled release is approved and open.
  • Cancelled: The scheduled blanket release has been cancelled.
  • Pending: The scheduled blanket release has been submitted but has not yet been approved.
  • Expired: The scheduled blanket release has been completed.

The columns can also be sorted alphabetically by clicking on column headers.

Click on the Release No. to open the Schedule Blanket Order Releases Summary screen where the details of the release schedule can be reviewed.


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