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7.3 Create Releases

Blanket Order releases can only be created by users who have been granted permission to do so within the original Blanket Order. Releases can also only be created for Blanket Order that were created with the processing condition to allow releases.
A Blanket Order release creates a new order request. After approval, the new order is transmitted to the supplier under a Blanket Order number.
Financial tracking codes assigned to items are stored with blanket orders and are propagated to blanket releases.

Release Order Numbers

Blanket releases use the same order number as the original Blanket Order with a suffix added to indicate the iteration of the release. Example: for blanket order FG368 the first release will be numbered FG368-001; the second will be numbered FG368-002; the third FG368-003 etc.
The process for creating releases for quantity based and amount based Blanket Order are slightly different. The following sections describe the steps to create both types of release.

Access to blanket releases

Click on the Blanket Orders tab to open the Blanket Order Listing page.

7.3.1 Blanket Order Listing
7.3.2 Release Orders
7.3.3 No Create Release Button


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