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6.3.2 Adding All Items

  1. After locating your Template, click the ‘Add’ icon in the Action column. This will add the entire Template into your current basket.

    Note. A Shopping Basket does not need to contain only items from a Template. Other catalogue or PunchOut items may be added before or after the addition of items from a Template.

  2. The entire content of the Template selected will be copied into either your Shopping Basket which will display.
    If you have existing items of the same part number already in your Shopping Basket, PECOS P2P will create an additional line: items will not be added together but shown on separate lines.
  3. Perform editing actions to the requisition.
    It is unlikely that all items and quantities will be required every time a recurring order is placed. You may now perform any editing task in the usual way. For example:
    • Add items from catalogues that you need this time
    • Delete items that you do not require this time
    • Change quantities from the usual default values
    • Update delivery and financial tracking details
    • Add comments or attachments
  4. When the Shopping Basket is complete click Submit.


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