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5.9 Comments, Attachments and Item Information

Documents and notes may be attached either to the requisition, an order, or specific line items both internally and externally. You may also attach preloaded documents made available to you by your system administrator and add Additional Item Information at line level.

PECOSPaperClip.png To add an attachment, comment or additional information to the Requisition, an Order, or a Line, click on the paper clip icon on the relevant area of your requisition screen.

The definitions and style of comments, attachment and item information is as follows:

  • Comment: A simple text note that can be added to provide additional information about an order or as line. External comments can optionally be saved for recurring use.
  • Attachment: Any document that you wish to add to your order. An attachment can be in any format, often from a word or spreadsheet application. Attachments can be user defined (stored and selected locally by the user) or provided centrally by your system administrator.
  • Additional Item Information: A user defined field added by your system administrator to capture additional information at line item level. The format of these fields may be either text boxes or drop down list boxes and may contain a default value. A field may be marked as mandatory, in which case the requisition cannot be submitted until it is completed.
  • Internal: An internal comment or attachment will stay internal to PECOS. It can be read by anyone who has access to your orders, including your approvers. It will not be seen by suppliers.
  • External: An external comment or attachment is for the benefit of your supplier. An external comment will appear printed on your purchase order and an external attachment will be sent to the supplier electronically with the purchase order. External comments are also visible to anyone who has access to your orders, including your approvers.

The steps required to add comments, attachment and additional item information are described in the following sections.
5.9.2 Attachments
5.9.3 Additional Item Information


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