5.9.3 Additional Item Information

Additional Item Information is available at Line Level in the Line Comments, Attachments and Item Information screen. The section appears in addition to the comments and attachments and contains all the Item User Defined Fields (order type) created by your system administrators.

These fields are organisation specific, optionally mandatory and have been added in order to capture additional information for the line item which cannot ordinarily be entered elsewhere in PECOS P2P.

The values entered in these user defined fields are available for use as approval routing criteria and both the field name and content will appear in the purchase order that is transmitted to the supplier. Examples of information which can be entered are line level delivery dates or delivery addresses.

Additional Item Information fields may appear as simple text boxes or drop down list selection boxes and values entered will be saved when the back button is clicked. Note that there are no separate save or clear buttons for entering additional item information.
Fig 5.93 Line level additional item information section.png

Mandatory Fields
Fields may be created as mandatory, in which case they will be identified with an asterisk (*).  
Should you access the Line Comments, Attachments and Item Information page and not complete any of the mandatory fields, a pop up warning will appear indicating that the mandatory field information is required. To exit the page without completing the mandatory fields, click the OK button. If the Cancel button is clicked, you will remain in the Line Comments, Attachments and Item Information page for completing the mandatory fields.
Upon submitting the shopping basket, PECOS P2P will validate that all mandatory user fields have been completed. If fields are not completed a submission error will display after clicking the ‘Submit’ button. The requisitioner must click back to return to the basket and complete all mandatory fields before it can be submitted.


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