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5.6 Financial Tracking and Tax

Financial Tracking ensures that the appropriate department will be financially responsible for their orders and that all goods are correctly and accurately accounted for. The Financial Tracking screen also displays the Tax or VAT Treatment assigned to items and requisitions. Financial tracking and tax codes are retained for all items and may be interfaced into your financial and ERP systems so it is important that these codes are accurate.
PECOS P2P will automatically populate your requisition with a default account code combination and a tax treatment.
Accounting defaults can be set at different levels and PECOS P2P will select the appropriate override:

  1. User Profile
  2. Commodity Codes
  3. Purchasing Cards

Tax/VAT defaults can also be set at different levels and PECOS P2P will select the appropriate override:

  1. Commodity Codes
  2. Business Rule Group
  3. Organisation

You may be granted permissions to change these default codes.
search_directory_icon.png The ability to view and change financial tracking and tax codes appears on a number of different screens in PECOS P2P. Look out for the financial tracking Icon (a book with a magnifying glass) indicating that a financial tracking screen is available.
5.6.1 Multi Jurisdictional Taxation
5.6.2 Document Level Responsibilities
5.6.3 Document Level Accounting
5.6.4 Requisition Financial Tracking
5.6.5 Order Financial Tracking
5.6.6 Line Financial Tracking


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