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5.6.1 Multi Jurisdictional Taxation

PECOS P2P is a multi jurisdictional tax application which supports a number of different tax types to support different national, regional and local taxes. Not all tax types support the entry of tax treatments at the time of creating a requisition and neither do all tax types support line level tax assignment. The ability to maintain taxes on the requisition will therefore depend upon the region of implementation. For example:

US Sales Tax: Sales taxes can only defined at header level and are not defaulted onto requisitions or orders. Tax treatments are not available and tax amounts must be entered manually onto requisitions. Taxes are not available on the invoice document.

UK VAT: VAT is available at line level and defaults will be applied to requisition and purchase order documents based on tax treatments created. Optionally VAT may be over ridden by the user during the requisition creation and invoice entry process.

Indian Taxes: Taxes are not defaulted onto requisition and purchase order documents and cannot be maintained by the user during the requisitioning process. Taxes are available for manual entry and editing on invoices only.


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