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5.4 Delivery and Invoicing

The Delivery and Invoicing screens contain default and editable data fields:

  • Requisitioner Name and GSRN.
    The requisitioner is the logged in user's full name and the GSRN (Global Service Relationship Number) will default from the user profile. The GSRN may optionally be edited.
  • User Delivery Address and Internal Location.
    The delivery information is defaulted form the requisitioner's user profile and may be edited.
  • Supplier Delivery Method and Delivery, Payment and Freight Terms
    This supplier information is defaulted from the supplier profile and may be updated if the requisitioner has permission.
  • Default Payment Method, available Procurement Cards and Invoice Address
    Payment and Invoicing information is defaulted from supplier and organisational defaults. Some options may not be visible to all users and changes to this data is often restricted.
  • Delivery Date and Time entry.
    The entry of a delivery date may be made mandatory but may also be defaulted.
  • Buy-for User selection.
    Access to buy on behalf of alternate users is provided by permission granted in the requisitioner's user profile.
  • Processing Options
    Different requisition processing options are defaulted from organisation settings.
  • Additional Order Information data entry.

    Extensible fields are provided through organisation configuration options. Some fields may be pre-populated and others may be mandatory.

There are two levels of delivery and invoicing information:

  • Requisition Level Make changes here to affect all orders on the requisition.
  • Order Level Make changes here to affect only an individual order.

The following sections explain what changes can be made at each level.
5.4.1 Requisition Level Delivery and Invoicing
5.4.2 Order Level Delivery and Invoicing


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