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5.2 Deleting Items

Removing an item cannot be achieved by changing a line quantity to zero since such a quantity is not permitted. To delete an item from your current requisition follow these steps:

  1. Click the Basket tab to display the details of your current shopping basket.
  2. Click the red PECOSXDeleteIcon.png in the right hand Actions column to delete. There are 3 ways to delete items:
    • Click on the delete button in the requisition header bar to delete the whole basket.
    • Click on the delete button in the order header bar to delete an individual order.
    • Click on the delete button on a line to delete a single line item.
  3. You will be asked to confirm the delete action. Once you have done so, the items are permanently deleted. Deleted items cannot be retrieved and if an item is deleted in error it must be re-added to the basket.

Items added to your basket from an External Market Place may not always be editable in PECOS P2P. It may be necessary to return to the supplier’s web site and delete the items in a shopping basket. If this is the case the red delete icon will be greyed out and you must click on the item number to return to the supplier’s transactional site. Items will be restored into an editable supplier shopping basket where changes are made. After all changes have been completed return the supplier shopping basket to PECOS P2P.


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