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5.1 Changing Quantities

To change the quantity of items in your requisition:

  1. Click the Basket tab to display the details of your current shopping basket.
  2. Type a new quantity in the Qty field for any item. The quantity (if enabled for your organisation) can be up to six decimal places.
  3. Click any other part of the Requisition screen or press the  ‘tab’ button on your keyboard. The Basket will refresh automatically, updating the quantity and recalculating line and header pricing.

Items added to your basket from an External Market Place (e.g. PunchOut supplier) may not always be editable in the PECOS P2P requisition. It may be necessary to return to the supplier’s web site and change item quantities in a shopping basket. If this is the case the quantities will display as non-editable and you must click on the item number to return to the supplier’s transactional site. Items will be restored into an editable supplier shopping basket.


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